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===How do I save my progress?===
Your progress is saved automatically, so you don't need to do anything yourself.
===How can I reset my account or restart the game?===
You can play on more than one world and thus basically start over if you wish. But if you really want your account deleted from a specific game world, please get in touch with us!
===How do I change my nickname?===
Once you have registered your account, it is not possible to change a nickname anymore. Nicknames can only be changed in special cases, for example if you accidentally used your full name as your nickname or if a nickname is inappropriate.
===I would like to remove my account and all the data that you store about me. How do I do that?===
Please get in touch with us and we will advise.
===Can I share my computer/mobile device with my family so that they can also play Forge of Empires?===
Of course! The more, the merrier! The only thing you need to remember is that you can only play your own account and can not share your password with other players.
===I forgot my password. What do I do?===
You can reset your password on the login page. Use the 'Forgot your password?' link, enter your e-mail and you will get a password reset e-mail that will make it possible for you to set a new password for your account.

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#Interactions with Other Players
#Diamonds, Packages and Bundles


How can I cancel the construction of a building?

You can sell it, just like any other building. Simply open the build menu, click the $ icon at the top of the screen and then click the respective building.

How can I cancel productions?

You can cancel an active production anytime you want by simply clicking on the respective building and choosing 'Cancel Production'.

How do I gain population?

Your population increases when you build residential buildings.

My citizens are unhappy. What should I do?

Build more cultural buildings and decorations - they increase the happiness of your people.

Can I store buildings in the inventory?

Unfortunately, you can not move buildings that you don’t need in your city to your inventory. However, buildings that you obtain as a reward during special events will be stored in your inventory until you place them in your city.

Can I rotate buildings?

No, it's not possible to rotate buildings. If you don't have enough space in your city, you can sell your existing buildings or rearrange the city to use the available area more efficiently.


How do I join a guild?

Just visit the social bar and open the guilds tab. Then join one of the suggested guilds or create your own guild!

How do I obtain prestige for my guild?

You can do that by participating in GvG battles and conquering new sectors.

What will happen when my guild reaches level 60?

60 is currently the maximum reachable level. More levels may become available in the future.

Interactions with Other Players

How do I visit cities of other players?

You can visit other players' cities by simply clicking/touching on their portraits which you can see on the social bar at the bottom of the screen. On the mobile app you will see a menu where you need to choose "Visit" option.

Can I change my neighborhood? I'm being constantly plundered.

Neighborhoods are merged automatically every other week, you can't change a neighborhood yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to fight against stronger opponents. But remember: the fact that they have more points doesn't necessarily mean that they are stronger. Try to fight them off, or at least make sure they have nothing to rob you from by picking up your productions on time!

How many times per day can I plunder another player's city?

You can attack a player once per day. Once you have overcome their defending army you have exactly 24 hours to plunder a building of your choice. Then you have to wait for the 24h countdown to end before you can attack again.

Goods and Technologies

What are technologies and how can I unlock them?

Research is one of the most important game elements in Forge of Empires. With Forge Points you can discover new technologies, and once you've unlocked them with different kinds of goods, new buildings and expansions will be available to you.

I need goods to unlock a technology. How do I get them?

There are several ways to obtain goods. You can produce them yourself by constructing goods buildings according to your requirements, or you can trade with other players for the goods you need. Goods can also be purchased with Diamonds.

Hint: You should only produce boosted goods in your own city. Boosts for goods are given out as a reward for successfully acquired provinces, so you should keep an eye on those!

Army and battles

How do I recruit army units?

You have to build a military building of your choice and then you can recruit them inside.

How do the different types of units work in a battle?

Units of a certain type receive a bonus in attack and defense against a certain other type. Some may also get a terrain bonus which could affect their attack, defense, or both:

  • Light units increase their defense on forests/bushes and get a bonus against fast units.
  • Ranged units get an attack bonus on rocks and have an advantage against heavy units.
  • Fast units are great against ranged units.
  • Heavy units gain a boost in defense on the plains and are mighty useful against light units.
  • Artillery units gain an attack and defense boost against heavy units as well.

The battle points are not counted towards my rank in the PvP tower, why?

For a battle to be counted in a tower, you need to have unlocked this tower on your campaign map. The highest age unit used in the battle determines what tower the battle will be counted towards. Please also remember that tournaments take place each week from Monday morning to Sunday evening, so if it's Sunday night, it's likely that there is currently a gap between tournaments.

Diamonds, Packages and Bundles

Is Forge of Empires a free-to-play game?

Yes. Downloading the app or registering via browser is free of charge. You can access all the features of the game and play as long as you want for free. The game also offers you the option to purchase in-game currency, called Diamonds, for real money.

What are Diamonds and how do I get them?

Diamonds are the premium currency of Forge of Empires. You do not need to purchase Diamonds to play the game. However, with Diamonds you can get useful benefits that can for example speed up your progression in the game. Diamonds can be bought with real money, but can also be acquired through some quests and community contests.

To purchase Diamonds, simply tap/click the + button next to the place where your available Diamonds are shown in the top right corner of the screen.

I have purchased Diamonds, but I did not receive them. What do I do?

Please get in touch with us and we will investigate the problem. To speed up the processing of your request, please make sure to include any kind of information that might help us track down your purchase. E.g. which payment method and provider were used, what did you buy, any confirmation number, a screenshot of the payment confirmation, etc.

Why did I lose Diamonds on my account on the B world too, when I bought something on the A world?

There is only one Diamond pool for all your worlds. Diamonds obtained on one world can be spent on another one, too!

When will you have another game sale/offer?

Unfortunately we're unable to provide you with that knowledge in advance. The best advice we can give you is to keep an eye out for any announcements and special windows upon loading the game.



What are Great Buildings?

Great Buildings are very special buildings which will grant you different benefits. They are more expensive than other buildings in the game and they can be leveled up with Forge Points in order to improve those benefits.

Be cautious! You can delete Great Buildings just like any other building in your city. If you have all the necessary blueprints and goods you can rebuild previously demolished Great Buildings.

How can I get blueprints?

You can find them when you complete quests, aid other players, contribute to the construction of other players' Great Buildings or by purchasing them with Diamonds.

I just received a blueprint. What is it good for?

Blueprints are parts of a construction drawing that is required to build Great Buildings. Before you can start to build a Great Building, you need to collect the 9 unique blueprints of the Great Building to complete the full plan.

What are Forge Points and how do I get them?

You need Forge Points to progress through the game. They are stored in the bar at the top of your game screen. You receive 1 Forge Point per hour, up to a fixed maximum, and additional Research Points can be purchased with coins or Diamonds. They can be used for research and trading or can be donated to the Great Buildings of other players.