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  • Each era has its tournament. You must first conquer the province that contains the tower of the era you want to participate. You can find all provinces in your Campaign Map.
  • You must have military units of the age of the tower in which you want to engage.
  • Tournaments take place each week from Monday morning to Sunday evening. You will need to fight in this period to view your fights accounted. Note that Sunday evening tournaments are closed.
  • After a fight, the tournament where it will be accounted will be the one according to the age of the highest unit you have used. Example: If you used 7 units of the Iron age and 1 unit of EMA, the fight will go to the tournament of the EMA tower.


You can find below rewards from all PvP towers in the Campaign Map.

From Bronze Age...
BA tower.pngIA tower.pngEMA tower.pngHMA tower.pngLMA tower.pngCol tower.png Ind tower.pngProg tower.png
Mod tower.pngPMod tower.png CE tower.png Tom tower.pngFE tower.pngAF tower.png Arctic Future!